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Personal training, fitness training and swim training. Adults and children from beginners to advanced. Aiming to get people active and leading healthy lifestyles.


swimming lessons

As a private sports academy we try to offer as many sports as we can, but with Katy's background and knowledge, swimming is highly featured! Living by the sea was one of the main factors why Katy herself learnt to swim, and it is an important life skill. Katy prides her academy on running lessons for children in the community that supported her through her swimming career.


Swimming lessons

Our swimming lessons run from Mill Rythe Junior School on Tuesday's and Friday's from 445pm. Saturday lessons run at Barncroft school, Havant from 11am. Lessons are 30 minutes long with small groups and teachers assisting learning both in and out of the water. We operate term time lessons only. 



Lessons follow the Swim England Learn to Swim Scheme with awards being earn't when children complete the stages. (Awards available on request for a small fee.)



Children from 3 years old are able to join in our lessons, with teachers being in the water so parents don't have to!